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Who We Are

Lengthy Locks is a Great Lengths exclusive hair extension studio salon. We have over 20 years of experience with working purely with Great Lengths products and hair styling. Dedicated to quality over quantity, our mission has always been to make the client feel beautiful and full of confidence. The time and necessary care is always taken to ensure the highest quality of extension application. Our repertoire includes working with hair that is extremely fine or damaged and in specialized scenarios such as working on conditions of the hair like alopecia, hair undergoing chemotherapy, trichotilliomania, early balding/thinning areas. Because of our advanced experience and training, we are able to help with many different kinds of hair needs.
It all began in Calgary, AB, about 23 years ago when I, Leah Robertson (founder and CEO of Lengthy Locks) had drastically damaged hair from bleaching my black to an attempted blonde. With second degree burns on my scalp and after losing a lot of hair, I became interested in trying out hair extensions. At the time, no one offered Great Lengths extensions in Calgary. I tried out one of the extension options at the time which was a tiny 1 inch braid glued to attach the worst hair ever. It was truly awful! If I didn’t spend an
hour on it everyday it looked like I had an animal living in a nest under my hair. The knots were awful. At the time I didn’t know about “Remy” hair but later realized that I did NOT have “Remy” hair. Still, being a teenager I tolerated it as long as I could because it was thicker hair then I had without it. Two months later and a couple hundred dollars down, it was all I could stand. So that I didn't have to rip them out myself I enlisted a friend to help me remove them.
Perplexed and desperate, I wondered what other options there were out there. Fortunately being part of the beauty industry, I was attending the annual ABA show for licensed hairstylists and came across a vendor that was demonstrating Great Lengths hair extensions. She was visiting from Vancouver and worked as an educator at Suki’s hair academy. I received a few samples in my hair and with some pamphlets in my hands, the seed was planted. Within 6 months, I contacted them for more information about the course and before I knew it I was off to Vancouver to take the course at Suki’s hair academy. It was a total thrill to start this adventure at 19 years old and be the first person in Calgary to work with Great Lengths hair extensions! Now over 20 years later I am an educator for Great Lengths Canada and teach in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
It felt like my life had come full circle when I found myself teaching the class in Vancouver. I joined the Great Lengths educational team for Canada in 2010. Since then I have learned additional skills and taken courses on Cold Fusion Technology, GL Tape, Tape on Tape, and Tape plus. I have flown out to Toronto to work some of the Great Lengths ABA shows and worked as a platform artist, and collaborated with my fellow Great Lengths educators on updates and ideas for what to do next in Canada. Each avenue of the industry is exciting and full of creativity. I truly love my job! Whether I am in Calgary doing extensions on a client while watching a chick flick, or flying out to teach a class, or join in with the GL Team, I just feel blessed. I love what I do, its the perfect career for me, and I know not everyone get's to say that! :)

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