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Classic 3200 Extensions

This classic method of extension installation is tried and true, after being used for 30 years in the industry. This method uses heat to install the Great Lengths hair extension bond. The keratin bond system is the most customized extension available. It looks and feels the most like your own hair. It is extremely hidden, and very tiny.  Each section of your hair is encapsulated by the keratin bond. Hard enough to hold for 4-6 months in your hair, but soft enough to yield to your hair's movement.

blonde hair

Cold Fusion Extensions

This is the latest technology for custom bond extensions. Cold fusion uses the same hair and keratin bond used for the Custom 3200 method, however this machine does not use any heat. Ultra Sound Wave Technology is used instead. This sends a frequency through the handle that shakes the molecules of the bond and melts it.  This machine also allows us to do both a round bond and a square bond. The same encapsulated process as the Classic Method, lasting 4-6 months in the hair, but again, this is with no heat applied.

brown hair
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