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Stunning After Pics! Here is the Great Lengths Tape Plus Extensions in 18 inch length.  With this high quality tape system, one is unable to tell the difference between a custom strand by strand application or Tape. The hair Quality and standards are the same with either method. Remy Human Hair. The results are Gorgeous.

Side by Side, the difference is clear, and what a difference can be seen with the Tape Plus Great Lengths Hair Extensions. With Newly found confidence and full, yet soft curls, the transformation is complete, and she's ready to meet any challenge or adventure ahead.


Colour, Movement, Beauty. You can have it all with Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Come in and choose your next look.

So many lengths to choose from: 8 inch - 24 inch. Have Great Lengths for thickness, or add some length or both! 
Have your dream hair!


Application is more important then you may realize. How your extensions are put in changes everything! Having them placed in the right spot can give you a comfortable feel. You'll forget they are there at all. 20 years of experience doing Great Lengths Extensions makes a huge difference. Come benefit from our expertise.

Gallery: Tips & Inspiration
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